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Which core is installed on my V4?
Please press, when you put power on the V4, both mouse buttons and keep them pressed until the early boot menu comes up. In the second row is standing the Core-version......or better to say....since Realease 2 there is standing the core version, if there is standing nothing you have Release Core 1.

How can I flash a new release CORE?
There are two ways to flash latest Core improvements, such as new features, speed or compatibility improvements. 1: The recommended way to install the FlashRom: - Go with your V4 to the Internet (A-Web is preinstalled) - download the ReleaseXXXX.jic from: - www.apollo-core.com/downloads. - Open a CLI at your V4. - Type: 'C:flashrom ReleaseXXXX.jic' - Confirm the operation by typing 'YES' (in CAPS) and press return. - Wait until flashing is finished. - Power Off your Vampire V4+ and wait 30 seconds. - Power On your Vampire V4+. 2: Using the JTAG USB-Blaster: (Only for experts!!!) - When, for what ever reason, you have to use the USB-Blaster, please consult us in discord or via mail. We will guide you!  plug in the wrong way, might destroy your board !) -

How can I switch my V4 on and off and how can I reboot my V4?
There is no powerswitch installed on the V4 we know a powerswitch would have been a nice idea we will remember for the next time. We solve that with a 3-way socket with switch on the desk. To reboot your sytem: please press STRG + WIN + STRG at the same time

Can you please ship my V4 with another OS than ApollOs?
We ship the V4 exclusively with ApollOS. If you want to use another operating system, you have to install it yourself…sorry

Where do I find the shipped distro?
Here is the link to download the current Distro: http://www.apollo-core.com/index.htm?page=downloads When you have loaded it onto your PC, you need a USB card reader and an "image writing program". On Windows you can take this: https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/

Do you ship the V4 with games /WHD-LOAD games?
We ship the V4 with ApollOS and with several free games. The WHD-load games which are already installed should work propper.

Which Micro DS cards are supported?
All Micro SD Cards of type: SDHC

Which file system should I use to format my SD Card?
Don't format at all, the best way is to use the SD cards directly and fresh from the package...

How do I mount my SD-Card?
Click please: Apollo-Start-menu/ SD-Card/ mount ==> your SD card should start directly.

Can I buy a "nacked"V4?
I'm sorry , we sell the V4 just with a CF-Card, preinstalled OS and metal case. like a plug and play-version:-).! We had bad experiences with it in the beginning and therefore we decided not to make any more exceptions. So we sell the systems only as a complete set. If someone remodels something at home and something happens or breaks, we are no longer responsible.... I hope you understand our point and you can also understand that we have decided, no matter who, not to take a break of that :-)

Which Keybords mice and Joypads run on te V4?
At the DB9-Port you can use Amiga mice and Joysticks. At the USB, we have already a big number of devices that work, here you find a list with all working pereirephals: http://www.apollo-core.com/index.htm?page=preorder&subpage=periphericals

Why does not every USB Mouse and Keyboard work?
Not all USB perirephals work with the V4, because we convert the drivers into hardware, as it is usual with Amiga. So we don't slow down the system with extra software for all keyboards in the world ..... as a PC usually does :-)

My monitor does not work with the V4
The V4 already supports a lot of different monitors (Samsung, Acer, Viewsonic, sharp, Phillips, dell,telefunen, LG,...) but a very little amount of TV does not run yet. Unfortunately, changing the resolution is not solving your problem. With the next Core Release we will try to fix that Bug, but that can take 1-2 month.

What is a USB-Programming-Blaster, and what will I need it for ?
We improve, advance and debug the V4 regularly. An FPGA can be re-recorded and so we bring out new cores that are always a bit better than one before The USB blaster is required to update the FPGA, but it is only for professional using! You can update/ flash your Bord via Ethernet (see: “ How can I flash a new release CORE?”) .

Can I buy here a V2/ V1200 and how long is the waiting list?
Currently we only produce and sell the V4. Igor / Majsta (another Apollo-Team member) produces and sells the V2 for the 600 and 1200. You can be put on the waiting list here: https://www.apollo-accelerators.com/#wheretobuy Igor is currently accelerates his production, so we hope that the waiting times in the future be significantly reduced.

My IDE seems not to boot? I just see the ApollOS sign?
We install the CF card before the we ship the card. If you just see the ApollOS sign it says that no CF card is installed. It can happen during transport that that ha CF-Adapter or the Card got loose. You have to open the board completely! Open both sides of the case, put the card out and put it on a soft surface e.g. korck. than you could try to press the CF-adapter in.!!!! DON'T PRESS WHILE THE CARD IS IN THE CASE!!! YOU COULD BREAK THE INTERNAL WIRES!!! If you need more help we can phone or chat if you want.

How do use Paypal?
If you want to use PayPal you need an account, you can create one at www.paypal.com. You can simply give in my email address at "send money" (shop@apollo-computer.com) and instruct the payment. If PayPal asks if this is a business transfer or if you are transferring to family and friends, we recommend choosing friends and family. Then there are no fees. At the notification letter you can note your invoice number. Than it is much easier for me to assign it.

Why do you not use the newcompetion Pro USB-Joypad, Why that modern USB Joypad?
Our problem with the new USB competition Pro is that they have no good quality...we checked them because we at first wanted to bundle a more Retro-looking USB Joystick. But we broke 3 pieces of the competition Pro just with playing a few hours bubble bobble. We think that commodore would have hate the USB-Competition Pro, because it’s a bad quality ;-) So we decided that quality is more important than Retro-style. The USB- Joypad we now choose to bundle, is really high quality, well made, really good usable and easy to play games. The Team, Gunnar and our Son tested about 30 Joypads and that one did win the match.... The technical background is, that for us it is not possible to support many different Joypads, because they all talk internal different "languages". Like commodore did it in farmer times and to be Amiga compatible, the Joypad works plug and play, without installing any driver-software. So we implement the USB-driver in Hardware, not with software like your PC....that is the reason why we have not so many Pads which works.

How do I turn on/off scanlines?
press F11 to toggle Scanlines On/Off

Can I mount .hdf and .iso files In ApolloOS?
On AROS 68k / ApolloOS the standard "no RDB" HDFs can be mounted with ImageMount and DiskImageGui.

Also ApolloOS includes ImageMountGUI - which can handle mounting ADF and ISO from either the internal Compact Flash or a MicroSD.

Can I boot from the MicroSD slot?
Current driver revision isn't able to boot from MicroSD. But you can use the MicroSD for data exchange like a "huge-floppy".

Do Vampires have an FPU?
Yes and the FPU is the only 68K FPU which is fully pipelined like all modern IBM or INTEL FPUs. Fully pipelined FPUs provide a major advantage for 3D as the can reach much higher floating point performance.

This is emulating a 68060, right?
No, the 68080 is a legitimate new 68000-series processor. In fact the 68080 is the best of the family and much better than an 68060. The 68060 many several instructions which 68000, 68020, 68030 and 68040 did support. this missing of instruction can result in programs crashing on 68060. The 68080 is much better than 68060 does include all previous CPU instructions and suffers not from this.

Can I use SATA in my V4
Yes you can. With a simple SATA/ATA adapter you can use SATA devices.

Any compiler and assembler recommended for coding on Vampire?
You can use all the compilers that you are used to. Devpac, Seka, ASMOne - all run fine.
SASC, GCC - will run fine.
Amige Oberon2 - runs fine.
Amos - runs fine.
You can also use new Dev environment for SAGA game development like e.g. VBCC which comprises the C compiler or Vasm in one nicely integrated package. Vasm supports most 68080/AMMX operations. Compiling can even be done on a PC.

Why you don't use PowerPC processor in Vampires?
One of the strongpoints of the Amiga was using an 68k.
The 68k is maybe the most coder friendly, easy to program and most powerful CPU.
The PowerPC is by far not as coder friendly and less by far not as powerful instructions and address modes

What is FPGA?
It is a hardware chip which can change itself and change its internal functions.
You can imagine it a bit like the Quicksilver T-1000 Terminator which could change his shape.

What is Super AGA (SAGA) then?
It is enhanced version of Amiga AGA (Advanced Graphics Architecure) chipset, sort of way better AAA/Hombre chipsets that were in development for Amiga in '90s.

SuperAGA is AGA compatible, that means you will be able to run OCS/ECS/AGA games.

Full SuperAGA implementation is currently featured only in V4 Standalone. It consists of built-in RTG/Chunky mode, Amiga/Atari planar modes, Picture-in-Picture mode and Advanced Sprites.

What is AMMX?
AMMX is a 64 Bit SIMD extension to a 68k CPU. The concept we followed is geared more towards the SIMD extensions in RISC architectures (AltiVEC, Wireless MMX).

Just by making better use of AMMX, software can get several hundreds percent performance increase. AMMX in only available in 68080.