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"It's a great machine and love the fact of just owning a brand new top of the range Amiga." - Ray, V4 Standalone owner

Apollo-Core 68080 is the world fastest 68K CPU

The Apollo 68080 CPU is clearly the world fastest 68K CPU.
It beats every other CPU easily in every benchmark.

The Integer performance of a CPU is key requirement for daily program speed of your computer.
Apollo 68080 is unbeaten in this field.

Integer MIPS comparison according to Sysinfo 4.4

Good floating point performance is very important for 3D games and some applications like for example MP3 playback. Only the Apollo 68080 FPU is fully pipelined and offer you a performance never seen before.

Floating point MFlops comparison according to Sysinfo 4.4

Memcopy speed is the next most important faktor for having a fast system.
Thanks to its integrated high performance memory controller Apollo 68080 offer the leading memory performance, totally outclassing its competition.

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