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Selected demos that work on the V4

Hundreds of OCS/AGA demos can run on the V4 (refresh to see more)


Shaft7 by Bomb.

Released 30 December 1996.

1st in the The Party 1996 Amiga Demo Competition.


Beam Riders

Beam Riders by Ghostown and Haujobb.

Released 21 October 2017.

2nd in the Retrokomp / Load Error 2017 Bigger Amiga Executable Competition.


Dark Helmets

Dark Helmets by Spaceballs.

Released 19 April 2003.

3rd in the The Gathering 2003 Combined Demo Competition.


Gazer Unz

Gazer Unz by Traction.

Released 1 December 2012.

1st in the Finnish Amiga Party 2012 Amiga Demo Competition.


Part 2 Horizons

Part 2 Horizons by Unique.

Released 1 April 2018.

3rd in the Revision 2018 Amiga Demo Competition.



Rise by Mellow Chips & Tristar & Red Sector Inc.

Released 12 April 1998.

1st in the The Gathering 1998 Amiga Demo Competition.



Murderous by Floppy.

Released 23 April 2000.

8th in the Mekka & Symposium 2000 Amiga Demo Competition.


The Martini Effect

The Martini Effect by FLEX.

Released 4 April 2021.

1st in the Revision Online 2021 Amiga Demo Competition.



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