Mission Statement Of The Apollo 68k CPU Amiga Chipset Project

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Inspiration for future generations

If you enjoy your PC do not forget that PC world was immensely inspired by the Amiga architecture.

Just check diagrams of A3000 motherboards and how buses were conceived - it inspired all modern PC architecture diagrams.

Did we mentioned that PCI-bus technology of PC was inspired by Amiga "Zorro" bus?

Audio part of DirectX engine in Windows was taken directly from Bars & Pipes - Amiga software technology. Micosoft bought BlueRibbon Soundworks, the makers of Bars & Pipes to obtain that technology and incorporate it in Windows audio subsystem in DirectX engine.

Or check diagram blocks of CD32 - it is the same of Playstation. Sony copied the same technology of CD32 but wisely added vector instructions and a first 3D engine to PSX. Besides PSX 3D chip was first offered to Commodore.

V4 recreates this unique architecture the best way possible and beyond.



Is this an Amiga?

We have re-created the original chipset in form of 4th generation SuperAGA. Its is compatible with OCS/ECS/AGA and features legacy registers plus much more.

We have re-created 68k processor and implemented all the latest technology improvements inside, like superscalar, hyperthreading or vector instructions. 68080 is the most sought-after processor for the Amiga.

Every new feature like USB or Ethernet was designed according to unique Jay Miner's concept like it was inside original chipset from the start. We took the greatest care to implement all the features the way the HiToro, first development Team, would have designed it too.

You can connect your old Amiga mouse or joystick directly to the V4. On top of that you can run natively almost any of your old games or OS installations.

Our project gathered attention of thousands of Amiga fans around the world. Let's listen to what they say:

"The most exciting piece of Amiga hardware since 1992!" - Brian, Apollo Forum user

"The Vampire Team CPU and chipset innovations are truly in the same innovative spirit of the original Amiga inventors." - Dave Haynie, former Chief Engineer at Commodore International

"It is probably the best Amiga you can buy right now, at any price." - Donovan, V4+ Standalone owner

"This CPU that's on the Vampire is the best CPU I've ever had in an Amiga." - Stephen Jones, Director and Developer

"This is an Amiga. In fact, MY AMIGA now!" - Dave Haynie, former Chief Engineer at Commodore International

"The incredible V4 Standalone. I was honestly blown away by that product." - David John Pleasance, former Commodore UK Managing Director