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Just look how many good, retro games can run on the V4

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Selected titles that work on the V4

Hundreds of vintage games can run on the V4 (refresh to see more)

Barbarian 2

Life as a triumphant adventurer was a happy one for Hegor. After the victory over his evil brother Necron, avenging the murder of his father, he was in line for the throne.

All told, it adds up to a very playable package continuing in the hallowed tradition of the original Barbarian, and goes a little beyond the traditional beat-'em-up gameplay to provide extra depth. Coupled with the difficulty level it makes it quite a challenge. Pretty damn good.

(Amiga Computing 2/92)

Bard's Tale

The plot behind Bard's Tale I - BTII should be here any time now - is simplistic. Mangar the Dark has taken over the town of Skara Brae and locked it away from the rest of the world by a spell of Eternal Winter. You and your unproven companions must free the city of his evil presence.

The graphics are good, with a certain amount of animation thrown in for good measure. Look for the fly buzzing around the nose of the stuffed(?) dragon in the Scarlet Bard. General control of the game is from a series of menus, easy enough to follow but it is well worth using the characters supplied with the game until you are familiar with their use. It would be a pity to lose your own because you were still learning to handle the basics.

(Amiga Computing 6/88)


he world is not in the best possible condithe world is not in the best possible condition. This is something we are being made aware of all the time. Charities campaign on every street corner. The homeless surround us. The Ozone layer is rapidly disappearing. I am sorry if I sound a little negative, but I have just been playing Burntime, and the future is so black I am going to have to carry a torch.

I cannot really describe Burntime in a nutshell, except to say that it is a very atmospheric RPG, with a message that really makes you sit back and think.

(CU Amiga 8/94)

Flyning High

One of the few fully 3D racing games on the Amiga, you must race your car on 20 tracks divided into four worlds; city, forest, jungle and arctic. Spread out on the tracks are not only obstacles, but also money which must be picked up so that you may mend or upgrade your car between the races. If the computer drivers are not interesting enough for you, you and three of your friends may race simultaneously in split-screen mode. Apart from tyre and engine upgrades, you also have a limited weapons arsenal to slow down the competition.


James Pond 3

Ask anyone to name one of the most influential Amiga platform games ever, and they'll invariably mention James Pond in one of his previous incarnations. Taking what made certain console games the huge sellers what they are and making them better is what made Robocod the smash hit it was, and I'm pleased to be able to announce that in the sequel to the sequel, Millennium have gone even further. If you only ever buy two platform games for your A1200, this is one of them. (Bubble 'N' Squeak is the other, but you don't need me to tell you that).

The ultimate follow up? I think so. Millennium have the Pond series down to a fine art now, and I should think so too considering the number of platforms that Robocod got put out on. If you have seen the incredible Megadrive version of this game, then you'll be happy to know that this is identical. An amazing game - it is just a crying shame that non-AGA owners will have to miss out.

(CU Amiga 6/94)

Rise of the Triad

A madman with power to kill millions has been discovered, and HUNT (High-risk United Nations Taskforce) has been dispatched to discover his plans. Your team was infiltrating his island stronghold when everything went to hell. The infiltration boat exploded and fire came from all directions. The only way out is in, into the the fortress, but to stay out here would be certain death. So in you go, guns blazing...


Super Stardust

Stardust was nothing more than Asteroids for the Nineties. This is something that was accepted from the start, but nobody seemed to mind at all. There were no cries for more up-to-date gameplay, more originality or anything else that could be deemed to be negative. The magazines lapped it up, and so did the public: Bloodhouse found themselves with a major hit on their hands. So, changing publishers from Daze Marketing to Team 17, work began on Super Stardust, an AGA expanded version of the original game, and we've been waiting hungrily ever since.

The biggest selling point of the whole game has to be the graphics. The original Stardust impressed everyone from the point of view that all the asteroids had been rendered with full light sourcing, but that can't prepare anyone for the sight of Lightwave-rendered asteroids the size of half the screen rolling around. It all looks fabulous, to say the least.

(CU Amiga 11/94)

Warcraft II - Tides Of Darkness

Blizzard Entertainment has outdone itself with this sequel to Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. The development company has become known for highly playable games - including cartridge classics like Interplay's The Lost Vikings and PC greats such as the side-scrolling action game Blackthorne - but the original Warcraft was the first to show Blizzard's penchant for strategic fare. Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness continues in the same vein as its predecessor, but adds more depth and features to the formula.

Combining the best aspects of many strategy favorites - Dune II, Populous and SimCity - Warcraft II manages to create a truly unique experience that considerably improves upon its predecessor. A plethora of options and features have been added to the real-time war game engine of the original, making every aspect of the game, from combat to resource management, much more enthralling. Flying vessels and seafaring crafts have been added, improving upon the landlocked combat of Warcraft. There are new technologies to research, new structures to build, and new races to align with. Resource management has been expanded, and now includes oil, in addition to gold and lumber, as a necessary ingredient for successful construction and destruction.

(Game Spot)