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Just look how many good, retro games can run on the V4

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Selected titles that work on the V4

Hundreds of vintage games can run on the V4 (refresh to see more)

Armour Geddon 2

The year is 2083, and the planet is up to its stratosphere in trouble. Some 70 years previous the forces of EDEN (Earth Defence Network) and the radiation ravaged surface dwellers had pushed mankind within inches of total annihilation.

Armour-geddon 2 uses a polygon-based 3D environment to create the world of EDEN. It also boasts an extremely swift 3D engine, which updates itself with remarkably little judder. Armour-geddon 2 is a very slick title and has an appealing look to it. From the moment the introduction kicks in, the game convinces you that it's been worth the money.

(Amiga Computing 8/94)


You play the part of Ben E Factor (Benefactor), ex-marine, who now devotes his life to helping people, and you've intercepted the captured Merry Men's S.O.S. Signal, so off you must go to rescue them and the Rainbow Machine.

Benefactor is full of cunning puzzles, and lovely animations, which makes it one of the best platform-based puzzle games out at the moment.

(CU Amiga 4/95)

Brutal Football

This is a strange, but true tale. Reader, you may care to stare with disbelief at the page and disregard these words as piffle. But, believe me, as this hack sits before his heated monitor, these eyes are still shocked and agog. This is the bizarre story of how Brutal Sports Football came to lie in my sweaty palm...

As for the future, we will have to ask Keith what to expect. That is, when he is released from Cambridge Sanatorium for the Mentally Impaired. In the mean time, dwell on this thought. Buy Brutal Sports or keep one eye open late at night for a T-shirt cladded Rhino accompanied by a Lizard in a chequered sports jacket!

Amiga Computing 10/93


Fed up with having Brontosaurus steaks for dinner, Ug the Caveman has decided to try something new for a change - by navigating nine islands in search of the three pterodactyl eggs perched high in the mountains, and bringing them back to his cave one by one, making sure that not one egg breaks along the way.

Unfortunately, searching for the eggs comes at a price. Ug must also leap across rivers, dodge erupting volcanoes, and use a number of rocks to kill any land-based predators that get in his way.


Fightin Spirit

Fightin' Spirit is a one-on-one beat 'em up centred around a competition by a gang overlord to find new heavies for his organisation. Ten tough-nuts have come forward, such as Burke the squaddie and Eric the biker. Many of these have special moves in which they can turn into an animal - Tong Lee can become a tiger and Lorente a puma.

Special moves are selected using a combination of joystick/pad movements followed by a tap of fire. The game can be played with or without blood, and in a turbo speed mode, with tournament and tag-team options for potential multi-player tournaments. The game supports CD32 controllers as well as one-button joysticks.



The first release from Psygnosis's new label Psyclapse is a scrolling shoot 'em up which betrays the unmistakable influence of popular arcade games like Nemesis and Salamander. Menace, originally known as Draconia but since renamed, provides some of the best arcade action yet seen on the Amiga. Past releases of this genre have been lacking in gameplay but Menace points the way to a rosier future for Amiga gamesplayers with its arcade quality graphics, sound and above all, exceptional gameplay.

Menace will have you hooked for hours on end. The addictive 'just one more game' feeling hits you every time. The mixture of arcade quality graphics, sound and gameplay make this one hot shoot 'em up. While Menace does nothing to promote intergalactic peace, the shear satisfaction of wasting aliens this ugly is just too good to miss. In all, a recommended dose of pure arcade violence - just what the doctor ordered.

(Amiga Format 11/88)

Street Racer

Here's a rarity these days, an Amiga version of a hit game. Street Racer progressed from its SNES origin to be something of a hit on the Playstation and PC a little while back, and now it is being released for our own little slice of gaming heaven by Guildhall Leisure on floppy and, thanks to their partnership with Epic Marketing, also on CD.

All in all Street Racer is a game for people who find XTR too serious. Some people especially those with an Amiga powerful enough to get the best out of XTR, are going to find the simplicity of the tracks poor compared to the well designed 3D tracks of XTR.

(CU Amiga 11/97)


In cutesy-wootsy platform land things just seems to be getting cuter all the time. And they don't get much cuter than this, mate. Little stubby trolls with cute hair and even cuter smiles jumping around on levels full of cute toys and sweets with sweet, toy cutey things all over the place.

If you like platformers you'll love it, and you'll especially like this 1200 version. It's the first game that's made me think, "Wow, the 1200's not just faster - it looks better too." Hurrah, if future releases are up to this standard then 1200 owners everywhere can rejoice, while the rest of us can start saving our pennies.

(Amiga Power 6/93)