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The V4 is not designed to power other devices!
Would you attempt to connect a DVD burner to your latest smartphone PCB?
Operating System

The Vampire computer comes tested and ready to use, fully pre-installed with ApolloOS operating system,
or with ATARI EMUTOS operating system - depending on the customer choice.

ESD warning
Please mind that the electronic components/chips on the Vampire V4 are electrostatic
sensitive devices and can be damaged by electrostatic discharge.
Enclosure opening disclaimer
Only open your Vampire if you wear an ESD protection wrist strap.
Any damage due to electrostatic discharge is excluded from the warranty.
IDE disclaimer
The Vampire comes with a fully tested IDE-CompactFlash adapter and a tested CompactFlash card.
Usage of other adapter or devices is at the risk of the user.

Mind that wrong inserting/plugging of IDE-adapters or Expansions can cause an electronic shock
harming the device. Any mechanical or electrical damage to the system is excluded from the warranty.
Mounting CF Adapter information
When securing the CF adapter that got loose in transport please remove the V4 PCB from the enclosure
and use place the V4 PCB on the cork board as the secure base for this operation.
Otherwise the PCB wires can get damaged when exerting pressure on the V4 PCB
while it sits inside the case.