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Imagine open-source Amiga operating system

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Apollo OS
AROS is an open-source, cross-platform re-implementation of AmigaOS.
It is based on the AmigaOS 3.1 APIs. AROS 68k is the recommended OS to run on the Apollo Standalone.
100% compatible with OS 3.x
To revive the Amiga, we need to re-invent three fundamental elements: the chipset, the CPU, and the OS. We intended our AROS fork to become the new operating system for Amiga, which every user would instantly know how to use and is 100% OS 3.x compatible. But we want to add modern features like Ethernet or USB stack.


All our work on AROS will be made available for the public

100% compatible with OS 3.x

By contrast, our focus is on 68K and Amiga hardware support to make the AROS kernel as compatible as possible. Our forked AROS branch will focus on Amiga 68k to 100% and will not work on X86 or PPC. To attain the best speed possible, we will tune appropriated functions to take full advantage of AMMX and the 68080. Of course all our work will be made available as per AROS license requirements and 68k coders are welcome to optimize ApolloOS for any of the 68k family CPU. Using this combination, the power is in the hands of coders who can decide where to focus their time and effort. We appreciate all the work that came before us from those who spent time, money, and effort to make AROS great. Moving forward, our solemn commitment is to make as much 68K software as possible work with our ApolloOS distribution.


AROS users benefit from our work already

We found that AROS in its original state added extra layers of abstraction and confusion never before seen in the original AmigaOS. This sort of uncontrolled bloat lowers compatibility with original Amiga 68K programs and slows down the OS. Such abstractions are fun with multi gigahertz PCs, but a headache when run on even the fastest 68K CPU. We're fixing this. As you may know, we have already improved AROS in many ways.
Recently we fixed some bugs in BestModeId we also improved the speed of some AROS graphics functions by 100%, as well as improved several exec functions on 68K.
Every AROS user can benefit from our work
More recently we seriously improved AROS IDE speed. All these bug fixes we make go back to AROS. Every AROS user can benefit from our work. That is how ApolloOS branch benefits Amiga community in general.
ApolloOS runs on all Vampires (V500, V600, V1200, V4 and V4+).
While ApolloOS may run on older 68Ks, the CPU will not have good performance under AROS, nor the speed to play videos with Riva or play demanding games like Diablo. Our focus is to improve the stability of AROS and compatibility with OS 3.x as well as to improve the performance on 68080.


To improve performance we will make use of AMMX acceleration

AMMX is great for accelerating games, video, and graphic operations such as datatypes. In the future, we anticipate that ApolloOS will be more and more AMMX accelerated.

AROS & ApolloOS
Now you too can take part in Amiga 68k OS development.
If you are interested into digging in it, complete and easy compiling instructions are available on
GitHub AROS Building Wiki.
Let's free the OS together!