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Our Mission
Created for Coders
The Apollo-Team mission is:
  • Preserve and push the beloved platform forward using technical expertise, modern tools, and a clear road-map. This long term plan will take years and is focused on results
  • Provide anyone who would like to become an Amiga user with products that will upgrade all Amiga computer models to the best performance possible
  • Empower users by giving them the opportunity to upgrade legacy systems with the Apollo accelerator's current feature set, while continuously updating it
  • Enable users to do more, by expanding this family of personal computers with the Apollo V4+ Standalone, a new Amiga-compatible model utilizing the latest technology
  • Inspire growth through ongoing 68k based product development of advanced FPGA cores
  • Bring power back to users by developing open-source operating system that is 100% compatible with Amiga OS 3.x
  • Give Amiga users reasonably priced choices
  • Ultimately revive the Amiga with help of amazing community and people of good will around the world