Mission Statement Of The Apollo 68k CPU Amiga Chipset Project

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AMMX - vector instructions for your Amiga

    NEOGEO emulator is a recent example of how the 2D performance skyrockets thanks to AMMX.




    Diablo is an excellent example of how gaming performance drastically increases, due to AMMX.




    Only with AMMX, you can enjoy smooth, true-color videos.



    What is AMMX



    AMMX is a modern, multimedia extension which allows the CPU to process data in parallel, unlike a traditional 68k CPU.


    Thanks to the parallel data processing of AMMX many computationally intensive jobs can be accelerated. AMMX is ideal for computer games and also makes smooth video playback on your favourite computer possible.


    Only AMMX makes it possible. AMMX allows you to enjoy audio, video and games in best performance. Some examples of the tremendous performance boost that AMMX will give you are shown below.



    The benefits of AMMX


    • Video games have the potential to run much faster

    • Increases performance in video and audio editing. Typical applications are digital signal processing and graphics processing

    • SIMD enables the chip to reduce processor-intensive loops common with video, audio, graphics, and animation

    • SIMD is an add-on that improves video compression/decompression, image manipulation, encryption, and I/O processing-all of which are used in a variety of today's software

    • Some of the technologies that benefit from SIMD include advanced imaging, 3D video, streaming audio and video (DVD playback), and speech-recognition applications.

    • Distributed computing has accelerated the use of these extensions in the scientific community

    • Removes bottleneck in the 3D graphics processing.

    • New SIMD instructions to improve complex math, graphics, video encoding, and thread synchronization.