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Super AGA

Super AGA
Super AGA - 4th generation chipset
SuperAGA is the fourth-generation chipset.

It greatly enhances Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA).

SAGA introduces three new chips:

  • Isabel - Upgraded Lisa video chip
  • Arne - Boosted Paula audio chip
  • Anni - Improved Alice DMA chip
SuperAGA simplifies coding. We made this all very easy now. We removed old hardware limits. Using the 4th generation chipset we keep the original spirit! It brings the dream chipset to reality, with modern day functionality and 100% 24 bit graphic support!

SuperAGA is 'super' because it tremendously improves the AGA chipset. 16-bit Paula with 8 DMA voices, chunky modes that Commodore planned, but did not managed to fit into AGA chipset before release, advanced sprites and much more! It also breaks barrier of the ChipRAM usual architecture with up to 12MB in V4+. SuperAGA takes advantage of modern memory controller's speed and size!

By implementing the native architecture, we keep our favourite computer alive! You were right all the time loving Amiga, it is simply the best machine in the world!
Supports original AGA modes.
Original AGA chipset was using planar modes with 8 bitplanes. We added new chunky plane and one new Picture-in-Picture plane (also chunky). This gives you 10 planes on SuperAGA.

This new chunky planes can be displayed on its own by any dedicated RTG driver and practically serves as a new Chunky mode apart from native, yet improved Planar modes.

AGA chipset in the V4 has been massively upgraded. As Retargetable Graphics has become a standard for graphics cards, we integrated RTG API into SuperAGA, so it's the same as if you code the Amiga chipset directly. We wanted to keep the feeling and coding the same as on the Amiga.>
Supports up to 12 MB Chip RAM
SuperAGA supports all original AGA hardware sprite features. We also further improved it.

Most notably, 16 sprite DMA channels are now available, sprites can be 32 pixel wide, and each sprite can have 16 colors with its own independent palette. A SAGA sprite has its own 256 color registers.

SuperAGA supports all original AGA Copper features and offers new ability to perform a 32-bit move with a single instruction, which doubles the speed!

Did we mention third playfield and Picture-in-picture support(C)Note that in SuperAGA, Chip RAM is accessed with Fast RAM speed and new 128-bit DMA - which helps to provide even better performance.

SAGA also offers support for Atari planar modes.