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The Apollo68080

Super AGA
The Apollo68080 - the best 68K CPU
The Apollo68080 is an affordable processor for your Amiga that is way faster than the fastest 68060. It is 100% code compatible with all CPUs and FPUs of the Motorola 68000 family.

It is a new processor you can code as easy as any previous Motorola 68K CPU. The Apollo68080 can execute all the instructions of the 68k processors before it, as well as brand new instructions which offer enhanced performance and features no other 68k can!
The Apollo68080 is a CPU with very large number of instructions. This might sound complicated, but in fact it is flexible, because you have instructions for very different use cases. Not every program you write is the same and many programs you can write as a sub set of instructions, you do not always need to use all those different instructions, but sometimes you want to do something special.